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In February of 2019, our world was shaken and forever changed. Our daughter, Hailey, caught the flu and within 48 hrs was in heart failure. She was diagnosed with myocarditis and had a rare case (1 in a million) where the flu virus attacked her heart. On April 2nd, after being listed for only 3 days for a heart transplant, she received her most precious gift. It was a rough 3 month journey that was filled with many blessings, miracles and amazing support along the way. Glory and Praise to God!

Child Life had a huge impact on our hearts and time in the hospital. I can’t say enough great things about our experience and the way these people touched our lives. You can see and feel the passion for what they do and the care they have for each child they come in contact with. You are not just a patient to them but a child by name whom they are blessed to walk alongside to brighten your journey.  Because of them Hailey was able to experience joy amongst the hardships, peace amidst the fear and calmness instead of worry. They were always there for her and us parents. Megan was the first face of child life we saw. She was there the morning when our world so quickly changed. Her gentle but fun spirit was what Hailey needed in that moment and honestly, what I needed too. Seeing her hold Hailey’s hand, calm Hailey with just the right words and stand by her side is a moment I will not forget and am so thankful for. Karleen has been by Hailey’s side through all her heart cath procedures. Her sweet personality and endearing spirit bring a sense of peace and smile to Hailey’s face. Anna holds a special place in Hailey’s heart. Hailey looks forward to seeing her whenever we are at UCLA whether she is in-patient or outpatient. They have a special bond that I am so grateful for. Anna is so compassionate. She knows what Hailey likes and just how to brighten her day. She has held her hand, encouraged her, supported her and uplifted her through so many moments. I could go on about each Child Life Specialist and the ways they touched our hearts. Thank you all for the ways you impact the lives that surround you! We are all blessed because of it!