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My name is Beaux, and I’m currently eleven years old. I’m in the 5th grade, at the greatest school ever. I love my teacher, and I get to go to work with my mom. I am the oldest of three kids. I have a brother named Luke, and the cutest little sister named Finley. I love the color red. I play soccer, baseball, basketball, and am currently trying to talk my mom into letting me play football. I’m the Vice President at my school, and I’m on the Principal’s list for the third year in a row. You can say that I have a pretty good life, but it wasn’t so great almost two years ago this March. It all started with a cough, so my mom took me to the doctors. The doctors gave me medicine to help my cough. Then I started to get really bad headaches, so back to the doctors I went, and went, and went. Finally, a doctor saw a picture of my brain and noticed that I had a subdermal empyema, also known as puss on the brain, caused from a sinus infection. I was immediately air-lifted to UCLA Mattel
Children’s hospital for a lifesaving surgery. One of the first people that my family met, besides my team of doctors, was an angel in the form of a child life specialist named Alisha. Alisha was one of the first people that my little brother Luke had the pleasure to meet. He thought she was so cool because she
brought him a toy and took him to the playroom. Alisha became a fixture in my life while I was at the hospital. Besides my doctors, her face was one of the last faces I saw when I had my surgeries. My stay at the hospital was for a brief 9 weeks, but seemed like an eternity at the same time. It could have been worse, but because of people like Alisha and my team of doctors, nurses, therapist, family, friends and other awesome people from child life, my days were brighter because of them. Being a kid in the hospital and away from what you know is scary, but when I was at the hospital, getting better from all
my surgeries I have had in the last two years (my last surgery was in November ‘2017’), I knew that I’d be well taken care of because of what the child life team has done for me and countless others. Thanks will never be enough for what they do, but it’s a start.